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Another ten inches of vinyl from the Yesternow imprint that will become a stalwart of your collection, 'The Three Sisters EP' sees Rickard Javerling following his debut 'Two Times Five Lullaby' with yet more dream-infused instrumentation. Led by the infallible melodies of the eponymous 'The Three Sisters', Javerling serves up a further two exclusive tracks as well as snaring a beatific remix from label mate's Shoreline - all of which offer a coherent and lilting glimpse at a genuine songwriting talent. Very much a central facet of 'Two Times Five Lullaby', 'Three Sisters' is (if anything) able to shine with even more luster when removed from the long player environs - as the Wickerman atmospherics are buffeted against acoustic bliss without resorting to A-Level theatrics and overt symbolism. From here we're straight into the depths of 'Vastbacken', wherein frosty xylophones are given extraordinary poignancy by the shimmering backdrop of swelling instrumentations that serve to evoke images of a warm fireside on a bleak midwinter night. Turn it over and you'll be greeted by the stunning post-rock opus of 'Sultan', with Javerling crafting a swirling thicket of glorious peaks and piquant troughs, all rendered in perfect resolution by the balanced composition which doesn't resort to clichéd quiet-loud theatrics. Closing with Shoreline's thrumming and waterlogged mix of 'Brandon Bay - Farewell', Javerling has once again demonstrated a tacit ability to bring a rain-smeared chalk mural of elements together into some of the most piquant and gorgeously emotive music you'll hear this year.